Raising the bar of excellence,
  in every TMT bar we make.

Sri Durga & SSI TMT bars, products of Sakthi Group, are manufactured with such fine qualities.
They are developed especially for heavy-duty structures and to withstand all type natural calamities.
These re-bars provide superior strength even as they reduce the quantum of steel required.

The mission of these ISO 9001 brand is to produce highest quality of steel, using the state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and serve all those involved with best interests.

In steel we trust.

Emjay Steel Udyog and JBA are the subsidiaries of Sakthi Ferro Alloys, who trade in scrap metals and turn it into steel billets. Sourced strictly from certified dealers, they are then sorted, melted and cast into finest billets. Conforming to the BIS standards. We have made an excellent start towards the aim of becoming the most trusted name.

Someone’s scrap, our treasure.

We are a company who trades in scrap metals and turn it into steel billets. Established in the year 2010, we have made an excellent start towards the aim of becoming the most trusted name.

Today, we produce over 600 tonnes of steel every day. At Emjay Steel Udyyog, we are driven by the highest standards of compliance. We source scraps strictly from certified dealers. They are then sorted, melted and cast into finest billets. Confirmed by the BIS standards.

Our maximum emphasis is focused on technology, cost and service. That is why we have one of the best in-house material handling team. By eliminating the middle man we are able to give our customers the best in quality, delivery and price. We offer products and solutions tailored exactly to their requirements. Because we believe our customers deserve only the best.

Whatever you are looking for in Steel industry,
you’ll find it here.

Sakthi Steel Shop trades a product portfolio that caters to varied needs in the steel market. It mainly deals with various iron and steel commodities including TMT bars, rails, fabricated beams, plates, coils, wire rods, rolled rounds, columns, channels, equal angles, parallel flange beams and engineered steel products.
From engineering firm to construction contractor Sakthi Steel Shop is committed to providing the finest quality products and services every time.

Benefits of Hook-Loaders

We have highly efficient crane-mounted trucks, like hook-loaders, that loads and unloads the body off the truck automatically. And with state-of-the-art stockyards, we are capable of handling huge quantities of scrap at any point of time within short notice.

These trucks are mounted with a crane which helps unloads the body (Bin) of the truck to enable filling the bin and loads the bin back after it is filled.

Key Features

• One truck can handle multiple Bins / pickup points
• Less number of drivers
• Material handling is clean
• Minimal human intervention hence more secured

We go wherever steel takes us.

Steel manufacturers and the steel distributors require transportation of a diverse set of materials. Sakthi Logistics is one of the trusted solutions providers in this space. It provides one stop solution to the customers to manage their own supply chain needs in a very cost-effective manner. This includes storage, distribution, clearance, transportation, stuffing that give you more ways to keep your business on the move.


At Sakthi Steel Warehousing, we understand that businesses like yours requires an efficient space. That’s why we offer material control, storage and distribution services for various steel products.
Sakthi Steel Warehouse is an independent Warehouse which is designed specifically to ensure proper and systematic storage of your products.

For customers with small volumes or large volumes, for industrial or commercial use, we help manage your changing needs in a cost effective manner. With our qualified and experienced warehouse personnel, our goal is to have steel ready to deliver whenever you need it.

Established in the year 1984, we have come a long way from just trading scrap metals. Today, we are a group of company that manage, develop and deal in more than half-a-million metric tons of ferrous scrap each year.

At Sakthi Ferro Alloy, we are driven by the highest standards of compliance, in order to lead the way in sustaining valuable resources. Also to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, we are rapidly expanding our activities in other non-ferrous and plastic material, including sourcing supplies and resources from other countries.

Vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and the growth of Sakthi Ferro Alloy. Starting with scrap metals, we moved in to trading and casting of steel billets, and further pursued our interests to manufacturing of TMT bars.


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